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Emergencies-Out of Hours

Ensuring help is always there

What to do in an Emergency - Out of Hours

We are dedicated to provide the best possible care for your beloved Pets. 

Due to recent changes in our local area regarding out of hours services, Alexander Vets Barrow and Ulverston are now providing their out of hours service at a different location. 

We are open our usual days Monday-Saturday but now providing the out of hours service from Carnforth Pet Care. 

Alexander Vets also provide a Video Chat with a Vet 7 days a week between 8am – 11pm via our website.  

The new service will start from Monday 7th March 2022 and located at:

The Emergency Vet Ltd 
Carnforth Pet Care
LA6 1JH 

If you require urgent advice or your Pet has a genuine accident or emergency outside of our normal opening hours please call us on 01229 836516 or 01229 582900 and you will be directed to the out of hours Vet. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

From All of Us at Alexander Vets, Barrow and Ulverston 

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